ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, March 7, 2023 — DocNetwork announced the release of a Google Analytics integration for its CampDoc and SchoolDoc platforms, allowing camps and schools to make data-driven decisions about critical business processes for online registration and marketing campaigns.

Attracting participants can be very competitive for camps and schools, who often invest significant time and money into marketing efforts to drive registrations. To ensure those efforts are working, they need insights into the behavior of their users. With the release of the Google Analytics integration, camps and schools will have access to additional data and can now see which campaigns engage more campers and students throughout the registration process.

“With our Google Analytics integration, CampDoc and SchoolDoc clients can take the guesswork out of measuring ROI,” said Dr. Michael Ambrose, Founder and CEO of DocNetwork. “With this enhancement, our camps and schools can better understand the performance of their campaigns to attract and retain campers and students.”

Once enabled, CampDoc and SchoolDoc can send anonymous data to the Google Analytics account for the individual camp or school. Events and conversions can be set up to track when a user begins and completes a registration as well as the revenue associated with that registration.

“Our camps and schools invest a lot of time and resources into their marketing campaigns, and it is important for them to understand which ones are effective,” said Chris Cummings, Vice President of Client Experience at DocNetwork. “We’re excited to help our clients better understand the return on investment of their marketing dollars with the Google Analytics integration.”

CampDoc and SchoolDoc offer the most comprehensive solution to help ensure the health and safety of children while they are away from home,and trusted by over 1,250 programs across all 50 states and internationally. Camps and schools interested in learning about setting up Google Analytics for their organization should visit or for more information.

About DocNetwork
DocNetwork is an international, comprehensive electronic health record system, offering solutions to improve efficiency and maximize safety in camps, schools and businesses. A collaborative effort between doctors, nurses, camp and school directors, and business owners, DocNetwork helps organizations manage health forms, allergies, medications, and illness and injury tracking. DocNetwork also offers online registration, travel and emergency medical protection, emergency text message alerts, check-in and attendance, and COVID-19 screening tools. For more information about DocNetwork and web-based health management, please visit, or call 734-619-8300.