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CampDoc.com Partners with CCC to Offer Integrated Camp Electronic Health Record Solution

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, February 13, 2018 — CampDoc.com, the leading electronic health record system for camps, has partnered with CCC, a provider of fully integrated software solutions for member-centric organizations, to offer a seamless integration for camp directors, camp administrators, camp nurses, and parents. CampDoc.com allows camp health staff to instantly access vital camper and [...]

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CampDoc.com Continues Camp Medical Research Efforts

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, September 7, 2017 — CampDoc.com, the leading electronic health record system for camps, is excited to continue their efforts in camp medical research in collaboration with the University of Michigan.  Over the past two years, CampDoc.com has contributed to studies that evaluated head lice, food allergies, and disaster and emergency preparedness at [...]

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A Real Protection Plan Story

As the summer wraps up, the CampDoc.com team is working as hard as ever to make sure that campers and staff are as healthy and as safe as possible while they are away at camp. Since the summer of 2015, CampDoc.com has offered a protection plan, and while we receive tons of great feedback on [...]

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Strategies for Overcoming Homesickness at Camp

The camp experience offers a nurturing environment away from distractions, and is a place to satisfy a child’s need for physical activity and creative expression. As a camp counselor myself, I’ve seen how just one week of camp can allow a child to grow as an individual. However, for many children, especially first-time campers, homesickness [...]

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CampDoc.com Site Visits

Earlier this summer we had a chance to step out of our office in Ann Arbor and visit some of our camps.  All of our team members, including our account managers, and those on our web team, support team, and sales team, had a chance to not only tour these camps, but sit down with [...]

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An Interview with DocNetwork Director, Dr. Michael Ambrose

By Savanah Litton As a fast growing company, I had a lot of questions about DocNetwork. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with director, Dr. Michael Ambrose, and inquire about his inspirations, passions, and difficulties while starting this amazing business. Where did it all begin? When did you start working on building this [...]

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Financial Data in Custom Reports

Many of our camps that use our online registration system have asked about including financial data in their custom reports.  We are excited to let you know that this is now possible! When you create a Custom Report, select the CSV format, and click on the Show Advanced Options link. You'll then have the ability [...]

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DocNetwork and the Community

School’s out and it’s finally summer camp season. Although your kids might be relaxing at home, DocNetwork sure isn’t. As an online electronic health records system for schools and camps we’ve been keeping busy, helping making last minute changes for camps, assisting parents with registrations, and stepping out into our community. Last week DocNetwork headed [...]

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Update Disposition for Health Log Entries

Once a Health Log entry has been submitted, it becomes a permanent part of the medical record, and you cannot make changes to that entry. If you’ve made an error or need to make a change to a health log entry after you’ve already submitted it, you will need to add an Addendum. However, we [...]

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Bulk Tag Updates

For those of you who don't use Tags, a quick summary to start: Tags are miscellaneous pieces of data that can be attached to profiles and used for filtering and reports (e.g. Cabin, Bus Location, Graduation Year). You can add or remove tag categories by going to the Tags tab in Settings. You can then assign [...]

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