By Rori Quinonez

So you want to peek behind the curtain? Catch a glimpse at the magic that runs DocNetwork? You’re in luck! I’ve been given the chance to fill you in on what my first few months at the company have been like—and let me tell you—I’m not holding anything back!

First Impressions
Before I was even officially hired, I left my interview thinking that everyone was way too kind and laid back. There had to be something I wasn’t seeing. When I was offered my position as Account Manager, I thought, “Ha! Now I’ll be able to dive in and get those gritty details!” Companies simply can’t run on honest work and thoughtful employees. Or can they? My first few days felt welcoming – and dare I say, fun. Everyone was helpful, open, and excited to have me join the team. I peeked around every corner and investigated every nook and cranny (including the ones in the english muffins in the fridge…for clarity). But every angle I took led me right back to the same response—this was a genuinely great place to work, full of genuinely kind, hard working people.

Month One
Within the first few months, a number of office activities took place, including a Halloween gingerbread decorating contest (we like to buck tradition), coworker shout outs, and birthday celebrations at every turn. Even the folks I didn’t work with on a daily basis were friendly, engaged in conversation when the moment felt right, and offered tips when an obstacle seemed unavoidable. Working at DocNetwork felt like moving to a new neighborhood—my neighbors are friendly, they’re available to let me know when trash pickup day is, and I may have been seen successfully borrowing a proverbial cup of sugar within days of my arrival (aka I asked for a piece of gum).

Month Two
By my second month, I began taking accounts and establishing relationships with my new clients. Getting to know organizations of every size and type is one of my favorite parts of my job. As a former camp kid, I am overjoyed that so many amazing camps exist for kids (and adults) today! My desk became a little more decorated, my calendar began to fill up, and I officially felt like I was starting to understand how the magic in our office came to life. When you build your foundation with authentic solutions to real problems, and thoughtfully compile a team to help execute your vision – you’re bound to create something lasting.

Month Three
The training wheels came off! I can’t believe it’s only been three months, because I have learned SO much since day one. I’m managing all sorts of accounts, gearing up for webinar training, and practicing for the day I get to meet you at a conference. Until then, know that the team here is hard at work making sure your lives are running a little bit easier. I’ll make sure and report back if I find any magic wands, but at this point, I’m fairly confident the magic is just made in-house here at DocNetwork.