When first recognized with the SPARK FastTrack Award in 2016 for an “impressive” record of growth, this was a huge nod to our company’s efforts to increase health and safety at camp and school, but also affirmed that we were getting on the right track and finding our company’s niche.  As we leaned into our success, we were honored to receive SPARK’s recognition once again in 2017 and in 2018.

And…we are now proud to share with you that we are, once again, recipients of the FastTrack Award for 2019!  

Some might not be thrilled to win the same award for the fourth year in a row, but not us!  We know a good thing when we see it, and we’re going to embrace it with excitement, humility, and respect that is core to our DNA. Why?  Because each year we earn SPARK’s FastTrack Award is a testament to another year that we confidently helped to improve the health and safety of children while they are away from home.  We are eager to celebrate our success with our local Ann Arbor community as we hit new milestones for growth. We’re also pumped that another year of hard work (and hard play!) suggests we’re on the right track for making a greater impact in the years ahead.

Thank you for supporting us in the ways that you have; we remain dedicated to creating solutions where our customers, company, and the Ann Arbor community wins!