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Waldo Photos

Earlier this year DocNetwork launched a partnership with Waldo Photos! Check out our final Vlog for the season featuring an interview with Rodney Rice, CEO of Waldo, to learn more about this exciting partnership!

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This summer, DocNetwork participated in the Ann Arbor Parks & Recreation Adopt-a-Park program right here in Ann Arbor! Check out Vlog #5 highlighting our experience!

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The Cloud

What is “the cloud” and why it is important for my camp and school software? On episode #4 of the @DocNetwork Vlog, we are going to sit down with Pat Dayton, Infrastructure Engineer at DocNetwork, to learn more about the cloud, how it works, and why it’s important.

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Camp Essentials

This week, on episode #3 of the DocNetwork Vlog, Rori and other team members answer the question: What essential items would you bring with you to camp? Take a look at the fun and unique things they had to say! 

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Allergies at Camp

The latest installment of the @DocNetwork Vlog series is here! Tune in to watch Dr. Natalie Schellpfeffer share her insights regarding common food allergies and best practices for summer camps!

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Medication Management

Summer has arrived, and so has the first episode of our DocNetwork Vlog! This first episode features an interview with Dr. Michael, Founder/CEO of DocNetwork and Tracey Gaslin, Executive Director of the Association of Camp Nursing, discussing important best practices for camp medication management.

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DocNetwork Vlog Coming Soon

Starting June 3rd, we will launch the DocNetwork Vlog, with new episodes released every two weeks! Tune in to see interviews with leaders of the Association of Camp Nursing and Waldo Photos, a peak into the team and culture at DocNetwork, and much more. For a sneak peak and more details, see Dr. Michael explain [...]

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Teachers and Nurses, Why We Appreciate All You Do

Every year we get the opportunity to show appreciation for the special nurses and teachers in our lives during National Teacher Appreciation Week and National Nurses Week. Did you know there are over 3.1 million teachers in the United States? Teachers change the lives of the almost 50 million students every day, and their impact [...]

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